Six crucial aspects in choosing liquid filling and packing machine

August 14,2021

When you want to choose and purchase a liquid filling and packing machine, have you ever been confused about what should you consider for such a wide range of machines? Facing various types of liquid filling and packaging machines, which one is your best choice? Though there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this article will summarize 6 crucial aspects you had better consider carefully before buying liquid filling and packing equipment. Taking several minutes to read it can help you determine what kind of machine is can satisfy your requirements and make a wise investment.

Multi-head water bottle packaging machine
multi-head water bottle packaging machine

The types of finished products: bags or bottles?

What finished products do you want to get through the liquid filling and packing machine? Bags or bottles?

An automatic liquid bag packing machine can complete the whole process of coding, metering, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting. The packaging bags styles include back seal, 3-side seal, 4-side seal. The packer is equipped with a pump for filling.

Bottle filling and packing machine includes single head filling machine, multiple head filling machine( inline filling or rotary filling, bottle capping machine), labeling machine, date printers, etc. The materials of bottles are plastic, glass, aluminum, etc. Bottle shapes have round, flat, square, polygon, irregular, and so on.

It should make it clear that different types require to be equipped with different devices.

What are the liquid properties in viscosity and PH?

The liquid’s viscosity is higher, the resistance to flow is bigger. For instance, honey flows slower than water under ordinary conditions. Does it has particulates in your product? Semi-solid? In these cases, you should choose the machine that can deal with these situations.

Do you know what is its PH? Is it acidity, alkaline, or neutral? In order to use the machine as long as possible, you should consider the manufacturing material is corrosion-resistant or not. If the liquid is acidity or alkaline, it a good idea for choosing a machine with acid resistance or alkali resistance.

Different kinds of liquid
different kinds of liquid

Container material and shapes  

What is the container made of? Plastic, glass, aluminum, or others? Each of them needs a specific filling technique due to their own property, so you can choose the machine that adopts a suitable filling method for your container.

Do you know what is the shape and size of the container? Multi-head bottle filling machine works with multiple inline or rotary filling heads. The space between two filling heads depends on the shape and size of your container. Besides, the capping and labeling process also will be influenced by the container’s shape and size. It’s quite necessary to take them into consideration when you want to purchase a liquid filling machine.

What is your ideal filling speed?

How much do you want the machine to finish per hour or minute? Is faster better? It depends on the scale of your business. The machine with high production rate will benefit large-scale factories a lot. While for small business that does not require high filling rate, it may choose lower speed to save cost. But you had better not take care to overlook future production needs just for saving cost and space. It is easier to buy with future growth in mind than to try to upgrade your equipment after the fact.

Level of automation: manual, semi-automatic & automatic

The level of automation is related to the production quantity.

The manual filling machine works as a tap that needs to be opened to fill bags, bottles, or cans. It’s purely manual work, suitable for low production rates. It’s an economical option for hobbyists or small businesses.

Semi-automatic filling machine, as the name suggests, is a partially automated machine with a higher production rate than the manual machine, but it still needs some manual operation such as placing the cans or bottles, activate the liquid filling procedure, and take out the filled cans or bottles. Though this kind of machine does not reach the speed of the fully automatic machine, it’s the best choice for most small and medium-sized companies in price and high efficiency.

Automatic filling machines greatly save manpower, which does not need manual operation or very little after starting the equipment. It requires big floor space and high investment in price. Automatic liquid filling machines are the power of high production rates for large-scale companies.

What is your available space?

The available floor space is often overlooked as an important aspect of purchasing liquid filling and packaging machines. You must clearly know the size of the space where you place machines. It’s not a good experience if you purchase an expensive production equipment line, but you don’t have enough space to place it. Therefore, when determining to choose and purchase which machine, you should make sure the equipment fits available floor space.


All above, before purchasing filling and packaging machine, you had better consider the packaging types, the viscosity and PH of liquid, the container material and shapes, filling speed, level of automation, and availability. Besides, there are some other factors not mentioned in the article. For example, find a reliable liquid filling and packing manufacturer and supplier and taking the budget into consideration. TOP(Henan) packing machine has rich experience in packaging machine, support customization service according to your actual requirements. If you are interested in it, you can fill in the contact form for more details.

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