Tianhui pillow packaging machine: meeting packaging needs in multiple fields

October 16,2023

Our pillow packaging machine is versatile packaging equipment that can be applied to many different types of packaging materials. Thus, it has been a preferred choice for a number of industries. Now let’s together take a look at the packing materials and available pillow wrapping machine for sale.

Pillow packaging machine
Pillow Packaging Machine

Applicable various materials for pillow packaging machine to pack

Food industry

Our pillow type packing machine is suitable for a variety of food products such as delicious biscuits, chocolates, candies, breads, cakes, nuts and fresh fruits. Its high efficiency and versatility make it the first choice for food manufacturers, ensuring the quality and freshness of the products packaged.

Pharmaceutical products

Pharmaceutical products are subject to stringent packaging requirements, and Tianhui’s pillow wrapping machines excel in packaging tablets, capsules, medical devices and more. Its precision and highly controllable packaging process make it favoured by the pharmaceutical industry.

Industrial products

This machine can be used to package various industrial products, such as hardware accessories, electronic components, plastic products, etc. Its flexibility and high efficiency adapt to the diversity and high requirements of industrial production.


Cosmetics, perfume, skin care products, beauty products, etc. can be packaged for sale.

Hygiene products

Sanitary napkins, nappies, toilet paper, wet wipes and so on

Agricultural products

Our pillow packaging machine is also used for packaging agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.

Special products

Also, it is adapted to different types of products as needed, such as coal, wood blocks, construction materials, toys, etc.

Pillow packaging machine for sale

Our pillow wrapping machine is available in four models, namely TH-250, TH-350, TH-450 and TH-600. Moreover, our wrapping machines are flexible and can be adjusted and customized according to different product sizes, shapes and packaging needs, so they are applicable to a wide range of applications and are able to meet the packaging needs of a wide variety of different industries and product types.

Pillow packing machine for sale
Pillow Packing Machine For Sale

In addition to this, its precision packaging process ensures product quality and consistency, making it the highlight of today’s packaging technology. Whether in the food, pharmaceutical, industrial or other fields, Tianhui’s pillow packaging machines play a key role in meeting the packaging needs of multiple sectors.

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