How to pack spices: types of spices packing machines

October 24,2022

In modern society, we need fully automatic packing machines or semi auto packing machines to highly improve efficiency. Compared with traditional manual spices packaging method, spices packing machine has incredible magic and can help to build your business empire. In the last post, we discussed the spice packing container, and in this article we will discuss various types of spices packing machines.

Lapel spice powder packing machine
Automatic Spice Powder Packing Machine

Spices filling sealing machine

One of the most commonly used machines today is the spice powder filling machine, which is popular among companies that produce various spices and herbs. The filling machine helps to generate a variety of goods according to your preferences. This can be done using the wide range of spices sold in the market.

The market is now flooded with technology based can filling machines that are designed to produce the highest caliber of powder. Due to its portable feature, it is a machine that is easy to transport from one location to another. Saving a lot of time and money is one of the main advantages of these machines.

These machines also have the excellent advantage of being affordable and reliable. The machinery is very powerful and ensures smooth flow of spices and herbs. Generally, these spice powder filling machines are manufactured in such a way that they minimize product wastage and increase productivity.

Another advantage of using a free flowing spice powder filling machine is that the machine can be quickly switched between automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and electric modes, depending on the situation. In addition, it retains extremely low running costs and excellent recovery value.

Spices pouch packing machine

Pouch/sachet/bag packing is the most widely used packaging container. There are different spices pouch packing designs, including back-seal design, three-side design, four-side design, stand-up pouch design, etc. The spice pouch packaging material can be various, such as plastic, paper, and aluminum foil. At the same time, there is a full range of spices packing machines available to suit your needs. Undoubtedly, fully automatic spice packing machine is your best choice. It has the benefits of easy operation, high efficiency, and good performance.

Th-320 spice powder pouch packing machine
Small Spice Pouch Packing Machine

Spices bottle packing machine

Various types of tin cans, glass cans, paper cans, aluminum cans, PET plastic cans, paper cans, and other types of cans that meet customer needs can be filled by the spice bottle filling machine. The spice bottle filling machine adopts the increased precision screw metering filling method. Therefore, dust and powder waste will not blow all over the workshop.

Spices can packing machine

The main purpose of spice can packing machine is to fill different kinds of cans with different kinds of spices. Modern spice can/jar filling machines are user-friendly, versatile, precise, corrosion-proof, fast, and small. In addition, they are easy to maintain, quiet, robust, low-friction, safe, leak-free, smooth, and long-lasting.

Spice powder sealing machine

Spice powder can sealing machine or can sealer is another name for spice powder can packing machine. It is used to tightly seal the lid to various containers including pots, cans, aluminum cans, tin cans, paper cans, etc. Whether rotary or non-rotary, spice powder sealer has different functions.

Spice can sealers can be assembled on automatic spice can packaging lines or used separately. There are different types of spice powder can sealers such as servo fixed speed sealers, automatic and semi-automatic vacuum sealers, small production semi-automatic can sealers, fully automatic sealers, etc.

Automatic operated can sealing machines do not require any human involvement during the sealing operation. On the other hand, semi-automatic can sealers require some manual help to complete the task. Induction sealers, which are used to seal containers, bottles, or jars with screw caps and aluminum foil inside, are another type of can sealing equipment. The container is loaded and sealed before the induction sealing procedure is carried out.

Spices powder capping machine

One of the machines used in the automation of packaging lines is the can, tin, or jar lid capping machine. The machines used to cap powdered spice cans can be fully or partially automated. Caps usually have to be placed manually before they can be capped on a semi-automatic machine.

Vibrating bowls or cap lifters are two examples of cap delivery systems that come with automatic capping machines. To feed the caps into the container, the automatic can capper will use a vibrating bowl or cap lifter. In the modern packaging business, screw-on cappers are one of the most popular forms of bottle caps.

Containers with snap-on caps are sealed with the help of an automatic or semi-automatic snap-on capping machine. When applying stress to the package to snap on the cap, snap-on cappers usually use a plunger or a band with a snap-on closure. Due to the increasing number of vineyards and wineries, corkers are also becoming more popular. In addition, they can be found in automatic and semi-automatic versions.

Automatic capping machine
Automatic Capping Machine


Whether spice packaging container or spices packing machine, they need to be adapted to your actual situation and beneficial to your business. In fact, automatic spices packing machine is an inevitable trend. It can greatly improve your productivity and enhance the competitiveness of your products.

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