Why do we need a popcorn pouch packing machine?

November 25,2021

Popcorn is a kind of puffed food made by putting corn, butter, and sugar. It has a sweeter taste. Put an appropriate amount of corn into the popcorn pot, and seal the top cover. Then place the popcorn pot on the stove and keep rotating it to heat evenly, then popcorn can be popped. Thousands of years ago, popcorn was first discovered in the Inca Empire. And it is one of the oldest snacks in the world. 

Fresh popcorn
fresh popcorn

Why is the popcorn packaging machine important?

Popcorn is not easy to store for too long because popcorn is susceptible to moisture. It will lose its crispy and delicious fresh taste after being damp, so popcorn is not easy to store for too long in the air. In order to keep a good taste of popcorn, our company supplies specialized home and commercial popcorn pouch packing machines with excellent sealing effects.

Fully automatic weighing packaging machine for popcorn

The equipment consists of a lapel vertical packaging machine, working platform, the Z-type conveyor, and the combined electronic weighing scale. And the fully automated operation is realized on the packaging of food such as popcorn. The equipment applies to a variety of sizes of popcorn packets not more than 3kg.

Multi-head weigher popcorn packing machine supplier
multi-head weigher popcorn packing machine

How does the VFFS popcorn packing machine work?

As long as the worker pours the popcorn into the vibrating feeder, The Z-type elevator will convey the material to the electronic combination scale for weighing. And then a series of links such as feeding, filling, nitrogen filling, sealing, and finished product output is completed. For some enterprises that produce popcorn, some need to fill the bag with nitrogen to keep it fresh during the packaging process. And some do not need to fill it with nitrogen instead of adding preservatives or desiccants to the bag directly. This machine can be used together with a nitrogen filling device.

Other applications

The popcorn packing machine is not only used for packaging popcorn but also suitable for the quantitative weighing and packaging of candy, melon seeds, puffed food, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, grains, potato chips, raisins, and other granular, flake, round and irregular shapes.

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