Tips on how to use your vacuum sealer for food

November 05,2021

In my opinion, food vacuum sealing machine is the best thing since sliced bread. Although some may be expensive, food costs and automotive fuel saving money will make up for the initial investment. A food vacuum sealing machine can be used to dry frozen or refrigerated foods, the effect is the same. Our refrigerator in the autumn after harvest garden and we bought a quarter. Black Angus beef and 1/2 pig are worth a fortune for the rest of the post, both perfectly sliced and vacuum-packed in the fridge when the air in the product is properly removed and completely sealed, and placed in the fridge, the storage life will be significantly increased.

Vacuum food
vacuum food

Due to the vacuum food sealer brands and many levels, so please do your homework first, and then decide what type is best for you. They range from seal bag and not only purify airbag sealing machine, until the commercial-grade sealing machine, but you can also without having to wait for sealing machine cooling vacuum bag. 

Below are some skills I think it is very important when using a food vacuum sealer.

  1. When you start a project, make sure you have enough material, bag or volume nothing than ten pounds only eight pounds of beef and ten pounds worse enough material for two.
  2. If you have normal vacuum sealing machine, not in line outside line. In other words, don’t put all things together, and then seal up one by one Instead, fill one bag, clean the inner sealing part of the bag and seal it before moving into the next bag. A good commercial grade vacuum sealer will allow you to seal multiple bags at once, however, they are quite expensive.
  3. When sealing, be sure to leave enough space above the food in the bag. About 3 inches should be enough to allow you enough room to handle both the food and the bag.
  4. Where it is possible, always a bag of a bag. So you can completely control of how much you want to bag. If you buy a gallon size bags, each containing 20 or more bag, usually you may seal more food in a bag, rather than food in an environment. Use a roll of bread, you can put the bag into a perfect size for your dining. If you are cooking for one person or for the whole family, make bags to your size.
  5. Liquids in food can cause quite a mess when vacuum-sealed. You can choose a number of methods to avoid damaging the machine by sucking juice into the sealer. If you use marinades try dry rubbing or wet rubbing before packaging dry rubbing is all the rage today when cooking on the grill. If food contains fruit juice, such as fruit, or cooked pumpkin, bag it and refrigerate it for a few hours until the liquid freezes, then vacuum seal the bag.
  6. Here’s a great trick for freezing soups. At first, freeze them in a plastic microwave bowl, and then remove them from the bowl under running hot water, place them in a freezer bag and seal the instant soup and set aside.
  7. Some foods, such as hamburger baked goods, etc.) the vacuum seal is a bit tricky, because sealant is too strong for food, and flattening the food, cooking become less appetizing. As I said before, when buying a machine to do my homework first. Some vacuum packing machine settings can take out the air, reduce or sensing when machine will need to stop, so as to avoid food get squashed. Or, shape and freeze them before bagging and sealing.
  8. When you open and reseal a bag, firstly, make sure the bag is long enough so that there is enough room to reseal it. That’s why I use the three inch rule above. When you open the bag, cut it in the seal, remove what you need, then reseal the bag and put it back in the fridge.
  9. As long as you follow this simple method, most can stand the test of repeated seal bag material: wash with hot water bag, just put the bag upside down on the top shelf dishwasher, or just irrigate with flowing water in the sink in the kitchen, and ensure the bag again dry before use. Except raw meat, just put the bags away, thus reducing the possibility of cross contamination    10. Finally, read the instructions that come with vacuum sealers. I know that most people don’t read the instructions, but at least browse them just to familiarize yourself with your machine to prevent any confusion while using it. Remember that improper use of your machine can cause problems in the future and create confusion in the present.
Desktop vacuum packing machine
desktop vacuum packing machine

There are three types of vacuum sealing machines available from Henan Top Packing Machinery Co., Ltd, such as desktop vacuum sealer, single chamber vacuum sealer, and double chamber vacuum sealer. Desktop vacuum sealing machine is very suitable for home application with small size and affordable price. Single room vacuum sealer and double room vacuum sealer are ideal for industrial or commercial use because it has high efficiency.

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