Five main components you should know about pillow packing machine

September 03,2021

Pillow packing machine, also called horizontal pillow wrapping machine, consists of control panel, feeding platform, film roll device, middle sealing device, end sealing and cutting device, discharge conveyor belt, etc. The equipment widely applies to bread, biscuit, moon cake, vegetable, fruit, mask, towel, soap, disposable products, etc. Through its structure, we not only can know more details about itself but also can get some useful idea about how to choose a suitable flow wrapping machine.

Automatic pillow packing machine
automatic pillow packing machine

1. Control panel

The control panel is composed of a PLC touch screen, mid and end sealing temperature control, the buttons of start, stop, inching, print mark, emergency stop, and power. The PLC touch screen can be set up using language, packaging speed, bag length, etc. The preset temperature display is green, and the actual temperature is red, easy to see and adjust. The inching button is convenient to test the machine.

Plc control panel of pillow packing machine
PLC control panel of pillow packing machine

2. Feeding platform

The feeding platform is adjustable in the scope of its width, but the bag’s former size can not be adjusted. So packaging different width material needs to change bag former. There are two types of conveyor systems optional about the feeding platform. One is a feeding belt with lock catches controlled by ordinary motor control. The other one is a servo conveyor belt controlled by a servo motor. The latter can detect objects intelligently, saving film, more advanced than the former, and the price higher.

Feeding platform with lock catches
Feeding Platform With Lock Catches
Servo conveyor belt of pillow packing machine
Servo Conveyor Belt Of Pillow Packing Machine

3. Film roll device

Film roll device is used for packaging film running smoothly. Two kinds of film rolls positions are available, above the platform or under. The upper one is suitable for those objects not easy to lose their shapes. If the products you want to package is easy to fold, you had better choose the film roll device under the platform.

4. Mid sealing device

If it’s an upper-film roll device, the mid sealing device is under the platform. While the mid sealing device is above on the platform for down-film roll device. The mid sealing device includes pulling film wheels, heat copper block, hand shanks for pulling wheels, etc. The pulling film wheels draw packaging film forward, then heat copper block seals two sides of the film to shape a packaging bag. The hand shanks are used to adjust the tightness of pulling wheels.

Mid sealing device for upper-film equipment
Mid Sealing Device For Upper-Film Equipment
Mid sealing device for down-film roll equipment
Mid Sealing Device For Down-Film Roll Equipment

5. End sealing and cutting device

The end sealing also adopts heat sealing, which is integrated with the cutting device. There are spiral cutters and a horizontal cutter available. The spiral cutters include single cutter, double cutter, three cutters optional. A single cutter is suitable for long packaging length, and a three cutters device is better for short packaging length. The pillow packing machine with horizontal cutter is called reciprocating pillow type packing machine. The horizontal cutter usually matches with the sponge to exhaust some air when cutting.

End sealing and cutting device( three cutters)
end sealing and cutting device( three cutters)

Pillow type packing machine Vs. Vertical packing machine

The pillow packaging machine is one of the horizontal packaging machines, material flowing horizontally, occupying more floor space than the vertical packing machine. While the vertical packaging equipment works needs more vertical space because the material flows from the top to the bottom.

Optional devices to match with

Horizontal pillow wrapping machine can be equipped with various devices in order to make a packaging bag with a more pretty appearance and save labor. The optional devices include the ribbon printer, ink-jet printer, conveyor belt, output conveyor, exhausting brush and sponge, etc. Get in touch with us to get more details and the best price.

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