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May 16,2022

Vacuum sealers are ideal for packaging a variety of foods. Whether you realize it or not, you see food packaged this way at the grocery store all the time. Beef jerky, salmon steak, chips, and dried fruit are just a few of the ones you’re likely to find. Vacuum sealers basically remove or replace natural air. In the case of beef jerky, 99.99% of the air is removed, making it almost impossible for bacteria to grow. For potato chips, natural air (including life-giving oxygen) is removed and replaced with inert gases such as nitrogen. Because potato chips are very fragile, removing 99.9% of the air will damage the product. There are two main types of vacuum sealers for packaging food. These are external and chamber vacuum sealers. Both sealants are used to remove air, but are used for different purposes and are used in a range of different products. Before buying a vacuum sealer, make sure you are buying the right one.

Vacuum food
Vacuum Packaged Food

What is a double chamber vacuum packing machine?

A double chamber vacuum packing machine or double chamber vacuum sealing machine, is a typical type of commercial vacuum packaging machine. It is different from home use of small vacuum sealers. It is a super-efficiency chamber vacuum packaging machine designed for industrial applications. With two chambers and a flexible chamber cover, the double vacuum chamber machine has two times of packaging speed of a single chamber vacuum packaging machine. Literally, it is a great tool for your food factories.  

Double chamber vacuum packing machine
Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

Double room vacuum packaging machine working principle

Chamber vacuum sealers are the most commonly used machines for industrial packaging. Chamber vacuum packaging machines still use bags, just like external models, but the packaging process is very different. Using a chamber sealer, place the product in the bag and place the entire bag in the chamber. When ready, pull down the chamber hood. The machine then removes 99.9% of the air in the room and seals the open end of the bag. The atmosphere inside the vault then returned to normal. The airtight pouches are now vacuum-packed and ready for sale or storage. Part of the process may involve removing air and replacing it with inert gas if desired. The amount of air exhausted from the chamber can also be adjusted as needed.

Benefits of double chamber vacuum packing machine

1. Fast packaging speed. Combat double-chamber vacuum packing machine is equipped with BUSCH or Chinese brand vacuum pump 100-200m³/h, which ensures fast vacuum and sealing speed, 3-5 times/min.

2. Wide range of applications. Most products that require vacuum packaging can be packaged with this machine.

3. Easy to install. In fact, all you need to do is connect the power properly. Double-chamber vacuum packaging machines with automatic swinging chamber lids require compressed air.

4. Easy to maintain. Clean the machine every day after getting off work. The surface is made of SUS304 stainless steel, so it is very easy to clean. Also, check the oil of the vacuum pump frequently.

5. Easy to operate. Just set the vacuum time, and seal time to the appropriate values ​​in the control panel.

6. Save space. The smaller two-chamber vacuum packers DZ400 DZ500 and DZ600 only require about 1m³ of space.

7. The machine can vacuum pack various sizes of packages. Although the overall length of the package is limited by the length of the seal, the vacuum packaging machine can vacuum seal plastic bags of many sizes. For example, in the standard DZ600/2S, the seal length is 600mm, and the distance between the seals is 490mm, so you can pack any size package on the scale.

Various food vacuum packaging
Various Food Vacuum Packaging

Features of double room vacuum packaging machine for sale

The dual-chamber vacuum packing machine from Henan Top Machinery has a stainless steel lid and a flat stainless steel chamber (VMS). These chamber vacuum sealers feature digital controls and two quick-change sealing strips for packing multiple products per cycle. Polyethylene-filled sheets are standard on these vacuum sealers, taking up free space in the chamber to reduce cycle time.

Double chamber vacuum sealer with 10 program memory and soft air reflow. Gentle air return protects delicate products by ensuring that air is gradually returned to the chamber at the end of the vacuum cycle. These chamber vacuum sealers feature the most powerful and reliable vacuum pumps in the industry.  

Double vacuum chamber sealer
Double Vacuum Chamber Sealer

Double chamber vacuum packaging machine parameters

Vacuum pump power1.5 kW
Sealing power1.17 kW
Absolute pressure0.1 pa
No. of sealing strips2
Sealing strip size500 mm*10 mm*2
Chamber material304 stainless steel
Cover materialOrganic glass
Chamber size525*520*130 mm
Machine size1260*605*960 mm
Machine weight150 kg

Why do foods need to be vacuum packed?

Food must be vacuum-packed for sale and storage. When food is stored in an airless state, microorganisms cannot grow on the food. There must be no contamination or decay of any kind. Typically, food is either packaged in small packets or bottles, which are then vacuum sealed. Without any atmospheric oxygen, food will not spoil because there are no fungi or aerobic bacteria that can grow. Long-term storage of dry foods such as cured meats, nuts, cheese, cereals, coffee, chips, and smoked fish is accomplished by vacuum packaging. Even liquids like soups and fresh foods like meat and vegetables last longer when vacuum sealed. For bulk vacuum packing chambers, use a vacuum sealer. Chamber sealers can be used to vacuum pack even non-food items.

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