Why we need a coffee packaging machine?

May 26,2021

Coffee is getting more and more popular around the world. At the same time, the package of coffee has attracted more and more attention. Therefore, if you are a coffee retailer or coffee supplier, it is so important for you to get an excellent coffee packing machine to benefit your business. So what are the benefits of a coffee packing machine? We will discuss this in this article.

Coffee packaging equipment supplier
automatic coffee pouch packing machine

Keeping it fresh

Packaging can keep coffee products fresh and prevent spoilage. The role of packaging is more significant in coffee, where spoilage occurs more quickly than in other products. As with any product, spoilage means losing the taste that people like. In terms of coffee, it is slightly more complicated because the beans will also acquire undesirable flavors when stale. The spoilage of coffee depends on its exposure to moisture, oxygen, heat, and light. Years of market research and product development work have given way o identifying coffee packaging styles that help retain the bean`s best taste.

Sweeet coffee for your morning
fresh and sweet coffee for your morning

Sales pitch

Like all modern, commercially produced products, the packaging is quite important in terms of sales. The product stands out from the competition because of its unique packaging. The packaging of the coffee allows customers to see what was used, or the type of beans used. Therefore, a great packaging design is highly attractive for consumers.

Coffee packaging machine structure
coffee packaging machine structure

One way valve bag

Coffee beans deteriorate on contact with oxygen. However, protecting them from oxygen by sealing the package seems to be the best approach. But another problem remains. The sugar browning process is triggered by the roasting of the beans. In the process, the beans release carbon dioxide. The buildup of carbon dioxide in the sealed bag can cause it to rupture. To solve this problem, the beans are packaged immediately after roasting in a moisture-free sandwich bag with a valve inside. This valve allows carbon dioxide to escape the packaging and not allow oxygen to enter.

Other less efficient packaging ways

However, there are many other ways to package coffee and they don`t have the effect of one-way valve bag packaging. This includes a pinhole package that allows captured carbon dioxide to escape through the pinhole. With this method, there is a chance that oxygen will get into the bag. Another way is to wait for the beans to emit carbon dioxide before they are packaged. This means that while the packaging is prevented from cracking due to the build-up of carbon dioxide in the bags. The beans are not saved from spoiling because of their exposure to oxygen.   

Henan TOP coffee packing machine for sale

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