Soap Making Machine

Brand Henan Top
Main machines Mixer, grinder, extruder, cutter, printer, stamping machine
Capacity 100kg/h
Note Customization service is available
Warranty 12 months
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Soap making machine is a great tool used to automate the soap making process. The machine is designed to mix, blend, extrude, and cut of soaps. The soap making machine can be used to manufacture various soap products, such as bar soap, laundry soap, bath soap, toilet soap, and transparent soap.  

Soap has been an essential part of human hygiene and cleanliness for centuries. And soap making machine revolutionizes the way soaps are produced. It has made it possible for soap manufacturers to produce soap products on a larger scale, with greater efficiency and reliability.

Soap making machine
Soap Making Machine

Types of bar soap making machine for sale

In order to make a fully automatic soap making process, there are several types of soap making machines available in the global market, each designed to meet specific manufacturing needs. And they combined together to make a full soap making line. Here are some of the most common types of soap making machines include:

Soap mixing machine: soap mixing machine is used to mix ingredients before grinding them. The material of the machine frame is made up of good quality Q235 carbon steel, and the part reached by soap noodle is made up of stainless steel.

Soap grinding machine: soap grinding machine is applied to grind soap granule into smaller one. This is a key step for soap material preparation. The motor power of the machine is 4kw.  

Soap extruder machine: soap extruder machine is used to manufacture soap noodles, which are used to make various types of soap products. The production capacity of the soap plodder can reaches 100kg per hour.

Soap cutting machine: soap cutting machine is used to cut soap bars into uniform shapes and sizes. And they are can be customized to your requirements. Its capacity can reach 200 bar soaps each minute.

Soap stamping machine: soap stamping machine is applied to imprint logos or designs onto soap bars. The suction cups pick up original soap and put it onto the mould, after forming, pick finished bar soaps out to conveyor. The whole process is fully automatic, high efficiency, and reliable performance.

Soap packing machine: soap packing machine is used to wrap finished soap bars into pouches. This is a necessary step before displaying your soap products on supermarket shelf.  

Production process of the soap making machine line

A soap making line consists of several soap making machines. And the production process of the whole soap manufacturing line is as detailed as follow:

Soap ingredients mixing → grinding soap noodles extrusion soap bars cutting stamping finished products packaging.

Soap making line
Soap Making Line

Features of this automatic soap making machine

  1. Simple body structure. All soap making machines are designed with simple structures. Which is easy to install and maintain.
  2. High quality body materials. All machines are used stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.
  3. Easy to operate. With an advanced control system, it is easy to operate, and just one man can handle it.
  4. Great variety. This bar soap making machine line can manufacture a wide range of soap products, such as laundry soap, toilet soap, bath soap, etc.
  5. Consistent quality. Automatic soap making machine can produce soap products with consistent quality, which ensures each bar soap meets the same high standards.
  6. OEM service is available. With rich experience, we provide excellent customization services like machine power, material, components, logos, shapes, and sizes on the soap.

Main parts of automatic soap making machine line

Main parts of a complete automatic soap making line includes a material mixer machine, grinder machine, vacuum plodder, cutting machine, soap printer, control cabinet, conveyor belt, etc. Every part works together to make a great soap making machine.

What is the cost of soap making machine?

Soap making machine price vary depend on different configurations, capacities, and machine materials. Furthermore, the soap making machine price is different when ship to different port, because the shipping cost is different. We provide a complete soap production line and single soap making machine. So whether you want to buy a full soap making line or just a single machine you need, it is wonderful to contact us for more details and price list.

Applications of soap making machines

Actually, this soap making machine is designed for making bar soaps, and not liquid soaps. With different stamps and molds, the soap production line can produce a full range of soap bars, they can be designed in various sizes, shapes, colors, and logos. Besides, with different soap material formulation, it can manufacture detergent soap, toilet soap, laundry soap, cleaning soap, bath soap, transparent soap, etc.

Finished soap products
Finished Soap Products

Using Soap Making Machines to Streamline Soap Production

Soap making machine can be applied to streamline soap production in many ways. Here are some ways in which soap manufacturing machine can be used to streamline large scale soap production:

1. Improve efficiency

Soap making machine can improve efficiency by automating the soap making process. This means that less effort and time is required to produce soap, which can help to reduce costs and increase profit for your business.

2. Increase production capacity

Fully automatic soap making machine can greatly increase production capacity. This means that more soap can be produced in less time. Which can increase the competitiveness of your soap products in the market.

3. Reduce labor costs

Compared with manual soap making, automatic soap making machine requires less labor, and it is very easy to operate.   

Contact us today to start your soap making business

As a comprehensive machine manufacturer, our soap making machines have successfully exported to more than 15 countries and regions, such as South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Philipines, Ethiopia, the US, New Zealand, etc. If you want to start your soap making project, it is time to contact us for helpful machine details and the latest price list.

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