How Can Biscuits Be Packaged?

June 08,2023

Packaging plays a vital role in the presentation, protection, and preservation of biscuits. Whether they are delicate tea biscuits, crunchy cookies, or savory crackers, the right packaging can make a significant difference in maintaining their freshness, texture, and flavor. In this article, we will discuss various methods of biscuit packaging that cater to different types of biscuits, ensuring they reach consumers in optimal condition.

Small biscuits
Small Biscuits

Individual Wrapping

For smaller biscuits or those with fragile textures, individual wrapping is an ideal packaging solution. Wrapping each biscuit separately in plastic or wax paper prevents them from sticking together and protects them from moisture and air. This method is commonly employed for delicate cookies, such as shortbread or wafer-thin biscuits.

Pillow biscuit packaging machine
Pillow Biscuit Packaging Machine

Pouches or Sachets

Pouches or sachets are convenient packaging options, particularly for single servings or mini biscuits. These small plastic or foil packages provide portability and help maintain freshness. They are widely used in on-the-go snacking and vending machine settings.

Multi-head weigher packaging equipment for biscuit
Multi-Head Weigher Packaging Equipment For Biscuit

Trays and Sleeves

Trays made of sturdy cardboard, plastic, or other materials offer a practical packaging solution for biscuits. Placing biscuits in trays and covering them with sleeves or plastic wrap ensures protection and enables multiple biscuits to be packed together. This method is often utilized for biscuits sold in supermarkets or retail stores, offering a visually appealing and easily stackable display.

Tin or Metal Containers

The charm of specialty or gift biscuits is enhanced by packaging them in tin or metal containers. These containers provide excellent protection against moisture and air, keeping the biscuits fresh for a longer time. They are often resealable, allowing consumers to enjoy the biscuits over multiple sittings. Tin or metal packaging adds a touch of elegance and makes biscuits an attractive gift option.


Cardboard boxes are a versatile packaging solution for biscuits, accommodating various sizes and shapes. These boxes can be customized with attractive designs and branding, creating an enticing visual appeal for consumers. Inside the boxes, a plastic or foil liner helps maintain freshness and prevents the biscuits from absorbing moisture. This method is commonly used for biscuits sold in retail stores, providing an economical and practical packaging option.

Vacuum-Sealed Packs

Biscuits that require a longer shelf life or are sold in bulk can benefit from vacuum-sealed packaging. This technique removes air from the package, minimizing the chances of spoilage and extending the biscuits’ freshness. Vacuum-sealed packs are often seen in the commercial market and online retailers, ensuring that customers receive biscuits in optimal condition.


Biscuit packaging is a crucial aspect of the overall product experience. The packaging method chosen depends on factors such as biscuit type, target market, desired shelf life, branding, and cost considerations. Whether it’s individual wrapping for delicate biscuits, pouches for on-the-go convenience, or tin containers for gifting, each packaging method plays a role in preserving the biscuits’ quality, flavor, and texture. With the right packaging, biscuit manufacturers can ensure that their products reach consumers in perfect condition, tantalizing their taste buds and leaving a lasting impression.

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