Horizontal pillow packing machine: efficient packaging for various materials

August 21,2023

In recent years, the packaging industry has undergone great changes driven by technological innovations, and the horizontal pillow packing machine, as one of the important technological innovations, has attracted wide attention. This advanced packaging machine has demonstrated strong application capabilities in many fields, bringing new breakthroughs in packaging for food, pharmaceuticals and other industries.

Horizontal pillow packing machine
Horizontal Pillow Packing Machine

Multifunctional materials packages of horizontal pillow packing machine

The pillow-packing wrap machine can pack a wide range of materials and excel especially in the food industry. From all kinds of candies and cookies to tantalizing chocolates, this machine can pack them efficiently and precisely. Pharmaceuticals are also one of its areas of application, as tablets, capsules and other medicines can be packaged automatically with the help of this machine.

Advantages of Tianhui pillow bag packaging machine

Th-350 pillow packing equipment in the factory
Th-350 Pillow Packing Equipment In The Factory
  • Its efficient production speed can meet the needs of mass production and bring significant benefits to enterprises.
  • This horizontal pillow packing machine uses advanced automation technology to automate a series of steps from dosing, bag making, sealing to cutting, reducing manual intervention and increasing production efficiency.
  • The horizontal pillow packaging machine is equipped with multi-layer packaging and gas protection function, which can extend the shelf life of food products and ensure the quality and freshness of products.

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