5 of the Most Popular Packaging Materials in the World

June 09,2022

Today, packaging is so important that you can’t even imagine a product entering the market without it. Yes, whether it’s cakes, chips, candy, popcorn, snacks, wafers, sugar, cookies, or other edible items, the perfect printed flexible laminated packaging material is used to not only preserve the contents but also to perfectly capture the consumer’s attention.

Using the right packaging technology and choosing the right packaging material will ensure that the product reaches the customer in perfect condition. This article will discuss 5 of the most popular packaging materials in the world. They are LDP/LLDPE/flexible packaging, PET/HDPE/Rigid packaging/, paper/cardboard/, cans/jars, and aluminum packaging.

Packaging materials
Packaging Materials

1. LDP/LLDPE/Flexible Packaging

LDPE and linear LDPE are flexible packaging materials used for primary and secondary products worldwide. Each material is soft to the touch and often has excellent puncture resistance.

LDPE is used to make a variety of bags, films, and tubes. LDPE bags and tubes are often referred to as polyethylene bags and tubes. They come in a variety of thicknesses and are commonly used to package food, dog snacks, auto parts, tools, and more. LDPE is also used to make shrink bundling films for secondary packaging of water bottles and canned foods.

2. PET/HDPE/Rigid Packaging

Made from polyethylene, HDPE and polyethylene terephthalate are harder and more rigid plastics than other plastics. Both materials offer excellent resistance to moisture while maintaining a rigid protective structure. some of the most common uses for HDPE and PET are bottles and water bottles.

Most water and soft drink bottles are made from PET. Cooking oil bottles, milk cartons, and bottle caps are made from HPDE, which is as hard or harder than PET material. 

3. Paper/Cardboard/Fiberboard

Cardboard and fiberboard are used in primary and secondary packaging for companies around the world. Paper is used to making a variety of thinner packaging products, including labels, kraft paper, paper bags, butcher paper, and more.

Cardboard is thicker and more durable than standard paper materials. Paperboard is typically used for primary packaging. Cardboard is used in milk and juice cartons, cereal boxes, frozen food boxes, candy boxes, etc. Paperboard provides slightly more product protection than fiberboard compared to paper-based materials.

Fiberboard from corrugated fiberboard is used to make corrugated boxes. Corrugated fiberboard creates ridges between two flat fiberboards, resulting in higher strength and compression resistance. 

Eco-friendly packaging
Eco-Friendly Paper Packaging

4. Cans/Jars

Although the PE plastic market has consumed some glass packaging, glass packaging still holds a significant market share in the packaging industry. Alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages make up a large portion of the glass packaging market. Other industries that consistently use glass packaging include cosmetics and personal care, food and spices, and even home décor and candles.

Some companies prefer glass because it is 100 percent recyclable and is very commonly used over and over again for new containers. According to the Glass Packaging Institute, glass can be recycled endlessly without loss of quality or purity. Because of the perceived value of the product, the glass may be the preferred choice.

 5. Aluminium Packaging

Aluminum packaging is used in a variety of applications around the world. The most common and recognized application for aluminum packaging is aluminum cans and containers. According to the Aluminum Association, more than 7 billion aluminum foil cans and containers are produced each year. While aluminum is prominent in the use of cans, there are several other uses for aluminum packaging.

Aluminum foil packaging is used as a barrier protector in medical, food, beverage, cosmetic, and many other industries. The foil helps protect products from moisture, sunlight, and other external factors. Foil packaging is often used in conjunction with adhesives to protect and preserve unopened products on the shelf. 

Aluminium foil
Aluminium Foil


Packaging is as important as the manufacturing process itself today, and you can’t even imagine a product penetrating the market without proper packaging. Yes, whether it’s these cakes, candies, snacks, cookies, crisps, and other food products, everything is packaged in perfectly flexible printed laminated packaging material that not only retains the elements it contains but perfectly captures the consumer’s attention. As technology and market demand change, other new materials are beginning to gain market share. Next time, we will discuss more new packaging materials in modern life globally.  

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